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CHP-104-The History of Hong Kong Part 4

Posted on Nov 17, 2012 by in Podcasts | 6 comments

Hercules George Robert Robinson, 1st Baron Rosmead, GCMG, PC. Governor of Hong Kong from September 1859 – March 1865.

Hercules George Robert Robinson, 1st Baron Rosmead, GCMG, PC. Governor of Hong Kong from September 1859 – March 1865.

We continue this overview series on the history of Hong Kong.  This time we pick up right after the Treaty of Nanjing and look at the early efforts to get this colony up and running.  The first couple decades of Crown Colony of Hong Kong weren’t easy and many considered throwing in the towel early.


  • Governors of Hong Kong
  • Sir Charles Elliot (served as Administrator only)
  • Alexander Robert Johnston (served as Administrator only)
  • Sir Henry Pottinger
  • Sir John Davis
  • Sir George Bonham
  • Sir John Bowring
  • Sir Hercules Robinson


Zhoushan 舟山 Coastal city near Ningbo that the Western powers had their eyes on.  Located right near the mouth of the Yangzi River

Prince Gong 恭亲王 Half brother to Xianfeng Emperor, 6th son of Daoguang Emperor. Longtime statesman and diplomat for the Qing emperor.


  1. Would not have thought my regard for CHP could rise any higher… but then you mentioned The Hat. 中国历史+Pastrami=Perfection. Well done.

    • That place is da bomb!

  2. I am sorry to know that you had a very busy time, or, you would release the part 5 soon since part 4 was done 2 weeks ago.

    • Your wish is my command…..Part 5 is now available for you.

  3. Hello ! I am a chinese guy.I have been listening to your podcast since last month.And I think you did a great job on this podcast,And one of the reasons I listene to your podcast is that I want to improve my english by listening to english audio,and by listening to yours,not only had my english improved but also have known a lot more about chinese thank you very much for doing the podcast.
    I wonder if it’s possible that you could provide the whole transcript of each episode you produce.Let me know please.thank you again!

    • There is a future SmartPhone App that is under consideration that will have all the transcripts. For now, don’t have it yet. I get a lot of emails requesting the transcripts for the exact reason you stated. It’s coming probably in 2013.

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