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CHP-098-Ricci, Schall and Verbiest

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Captain Charles Elliot

Matteo Ricci Oct 6, 1552 – May 11, 1610

Johann Adam Schall von Bell May 1, 1592 – August 15, 1666

Johann Adam Schall von Bell May 1, 1592 – August 15, 1666

Ferdinand Verbiest October 9,1623 – January 28, 1688

Ferdinand Verbiest October 9,1623 – January 28, 1688

In this longer than usual episode, we feature the three giants of the Jesuit China Mission of the 16th and 17th centuries.  In addition to their work in introducing Catholicism to China, these three men, Matteo Ricci, Johann Adam Schall von Bell and Ferdinand Verbiest made a collective contribution to the scholarship of China that has not been matched to this day.  They were the first to write books and dictionaries unlocking the intracacies of Mandarin.  Their ways of building bridges with the Chinese served as a model for later generations of Western scholars and diplomats who went to China.


  • Michele Ruggieri  罗明监 Luó Míngjiān
  • Matteo Ricci   利玛窦 Lì Mǎdòu
  • Johann Adam Schall von Bell  汤若望   Tāng Ruòwàng
  • Ferdinand Verbiest   南怀仁  Nán Huáirén
  • Guangzhou 广州 The city more familiarly known as Canton
  • Zhaoqing  肇庆 City in Guangdong province
  • Wanli  万历帝  The Wanli Emperor
  • Chongzhen  崇祯帝 The Chongzhen Emperor (last of the Ming)
  • Nurhaci 努尔哈赤 Founder of the Qing Dynasty
  • Shunzhi 顺治帝 Emperor, son of Nurhaci, father of Kangxi
  • Kangxi  康熙 One of China’s greatest emperors
  • Qianlong  乾隆 Also another great emperor of China with an ego to match
  • wanguotu 万国图 The “Ten Thousand Country” World Map
  • Shaoguan 韶关  City in Guangdong formerly known as Shaozhou  韶州
  • Daxue  大学 One of the Four Confucian Classics The Great Learning
  • Zhongyong 中庸  The Doctrine of the Mean
  • Lunyu  论语 The Analects
  • Mengzi  孟子 The Mencius
  • Nanchang  南昌  Capital city of Jiangxi province  江西省
  • Zhang Qian  张骞 The great explorer featured in CHP-047
  • Han Wudi  汉武帝 Great Han Dynasty emperor
  • Tianzhu Shilu  天主实录 The Trude Doctrine of God
  • Li Yingshi  李应试  Early convert of the Jesuits who gave the cause a major boost locally
  • Zhalan Cemetrey 栅栏墓地 Cemetery in Beijing, the oldest of them all.
  • Qin Tian Jian 钦天监  The head of the Observatory
  • Yang Guangxian 杨光先  Anti-Jesuit court official who got his in the end
  • Tianzhu 天主 The Lord God (the acceptable Chinese word to the Church)
  • Tian 天 Heaven, also a name for God, more acceptable to the Chinese
  • Shangdi  上帝 The Lord of Above, Supreme emperor, also a name for God, more acceptable to the Chinese

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