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CHP-094-Zheng He Part 3

Posted on Aug 15, 2012 in All Podcasts, DYNASTIES TANG TO MING, Foreign Relations, Ming Dynasty, People, PEOPLE, Podcasts | 10 comments

We close out our three part series on the amazing life of Admiral Zheng He and his seven voyages. This time the CHP looks at retired submarine commander Gavin Menzies and his take on what Zheng He achieved.  He makes some wild claims that have been savagely attacked by educated people around the world.  If not for the fact that early Ming China was advanced enough to carry out these voyages, as Menzies said they happened, they’d be very hard to believe.  The debate is far from closed on this subject.


  • Yongle Dadian  永乐大典 The Yongle Encyclopedia
  • Hong Bao 洪保 Great Eunuch Admiral who sailed with Zheng He
  • Yang Qing Great Eunuch Admiral who sailed with Zheng He
  • Zhou Man 周满  Great Eunuch Admiral who sailed with Zheng He
  • Zhou Wen  周文  Great Eunuch Admiral who sailed with Zheng He
  • Wang Jinghong  Great Eunuch Admiral who sailed with Zheng He
  • Ma Huan 马欢  Muslim chronicler of Zheng He’s voyages
  • Fei Xin  Sailed with Zheng He and wrote the book Description of the Starry Raft
  • Ma Sanbao  马三宝  Other name Zheng He is known by


Author and retired naval officer Mr. Gavin Menzies

American former vice president Mr. Dick Cheney….bearing an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Menzies

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  1. Interesting podcast, you have got me interested in reading the book. I heard alot about 1491’s “accuracy” and haven’t bothered to read it. Still sounds dubious to me, but interesting.

    I grew up in western australia in the 80’s and I vaguely remember going to a museum and being told that there was evidence that the chinese visited and traded with northern australia before the west . Unfortunately, I would have been 8-10 at the time so details escape me, it could just be reference to the Makassan, an interesting story by itself. I never hear of date’s going back to 1491!

    • My Man’s on it…..Sorry for the inconvenience…..Should be OK by midnight GMT. Sorry to make you wait….Hope the episode is worth it.

  2. Menzies is to history as much as Jules Verne is to history, too

    • And nice reading too.

  3. Something’s wrong here: it shows me 404 :/

    • Yeah….I called that one in too….Someone’s gonna get to it soon. If I try and fix it myself I may bring the whole China History Podcast empire crashing down.

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